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  • House # 72, Road # 03, Turag Thana, Dhaka
  • Hotline: +880 1730 575884

Who We Are


Greenobo Agro Ltd


The promoters Mr. Mir Md Nurul Azam and Mr. Md Muhibbulah Morshed  hail from Chittagong have good taste and interest in this field and believes in the taste and health of seafood. The promoter’s vision is to reach and educate every people about the taste and nutrition of seafood.

Medical and health science advocates ‘fish as one of the best nutritious food for all ages’. Hence fish is a wholesome food in all seasons for everyone. So it is their brain child as they were always interested in starting an organized retail sea food trading chain in a hi-tech and professional manner . Therefore, they have chosen the Dhaka City  for their first retail outlet and head office.


We have a sea-perb mission, but how we are going to achieve it?.  By serving highest quality service that “WOW” people.  By ensuring only the highest quality sea food is served.   By offering innovative & easiest way to buy sea food.


Our commitment to the environment stems in company, which is embodied in the Fish Mart Code of Conduct. We consider climate change to be the greatest threat affecting economic stability, vulnerable communities and the society at large.


Our Corporate office is situated at Road # 16,House #06Sector # 14, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. The entire outlet maintains a fresh and hygienic feel with a wide range of variety of fish; customer focused display of fish so that the customer can see his fish being sliced in a customized manner by experienced fish cutters.
Scientific cleaning of fish before and after cutting is ensured so that utmost hygiene and freshness is preserved and wholesomeness of the fish is carried from sea to plate. In Fish Mart customers can get the best seasonal variety of seafood.
The company is planning to open many branches/ Franchisees in the City and all over the Country.

Process Control

Home Delivery Service

Order placed within 5 km distance from our retail outlet between 8am to 4pm (Order value above BDT. 5,000/-) without any extra charges.

For bulk orders, free delivery within Dhaka City Corporation Limit. The customers can also place orders by e-mail: info@greenobo / or SMS +880 1877 555077