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What are 7 indicators of Freshness?

It is a check-list to gauge the duration of your fish leaving the ocean to the point you received it.

What are the 7 indicators of freshness?

1. Reflective eyes

2. Slimy

3. Firm meat (feels like your muscle)

4. Bright red blood color near to their head.

5. Curved eye

6. Translucent flesh (most species)

7. Smell (fresh fish has mild ocean and fishy smell)


How 7 indicators comes about?

7 indicators of freshness is a summary of 12 indicators of freshness by American Culinary School.

So why is 7 indicators of freshness so different and why are they so important to buyer?

7 indicators of freshness is seafood standard.

Every fish that is pulled out from the ocean will start with all 7 indicators of freshness.

However, the 7 indicators of freshness will start to disappear one by one the longer you keep the fish out of the water.

After 12 hours, they start losing 1 indicator, after 24 hours they lose another indicator.

Eventually after a few days, they lost all the indicators.

Of coruse there are exporters who would use preservative to make their seafood look like they have all this indicators but don’t worry, because no preservative can preserve ALL 7 indicators. Preservative has only the capacity to preserve 3-4 indicators but there are tell tale signs.

Where can I find a fish with 7 indicators of freshness?

When a Fish left the ocean for the first 12 hours, they will have all 7 indicators of freshness. As they are kept for longer period of time, they start losing the indicators.

Why is it so important for your fish to have at least 5 indicators of freshness?

Fish with more than 5 indicators of freshness taste sweeter, juicier and without a doubt, healthy and safer for the kids.With 7 indicators of Freshness the meat texture will be soft and some customer describe them as candy floss, it melts in your mouth literally.

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