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Director’s Message


Director's Statement

Rice and fish being pretty much our national diet , most of the Bangladeshis lack the idea of an actual healthy “Fish”. Though all fishes have certain food values, distinction between naturally breeded and artificially breeded fish do exist.

Pisci-cultured species can said to be inorganic due to their artificial consumables. These fish do provide us nutrition but an adverse effect to the human body is followed by it in the longer run. On the contrary, naturally grown fishes are nutritive without any adversities. And as a matter of fact, only sea fishes these days can be termed “Hundred Percent Natural Breeds”. On the basis of food nutrients needed for proper growth and immunity, sea fishes are better than fresh water fishes remarkably.

Thus, we are initiating proper processed and frozen sea fish marketing with the aim to reach out to people with the most nutritive.  And with that aim comes forth our company. We want to remove the misconception about frozen fish. Frozen fish does not essentially mean the deterioration of its taste nor food value. Because properly processed fish does not lack in taste or value whatsoever.

So, we hope you will choose to have properly processed and frozen sea fish and bear a good heath.