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  • House # 72, Road # 03, Turag Thana, Dhaka
  • Hotline: +880 1730 575884

Chairman’s Message


Chairman’s Statement

We are the online fresh fish market that comes to you. We promise to deliver the freshest frozen seafood. Whether it’s been caught around the Bangladesh coast or landed in the Indian Ocean. We’ll get you high quality fresh fish at a fair price and deliver it with care every time. That’s a promise.

It’s not easy getting hold of good quality fish and seafood. We have contacts across the Bangladesh and around the world, so whatever fresh and frozen fish you need, we can get our hands on it. Choose fresh local fish, or give something a little more exotic a try. We bring the global fish market to you – but we are tough about who we work with. Fishing is a way of life, and we’ll only work with those who take responsible fishing practices as seriously as we do. Getting this cracking responsibly sourced fish and seafood delivered to your kitchen safely and quickly is a challenge too tough for many. That’s why you need a proper, no-nonsense fishmonger like us.

Do you care about responsible sourcing as much as we do? Then try some sustainable alternatives on your fish menu. Do what you do best; create delicious fish and seafood recipes with underutilised species that are good for your budget too.

Ask us anything about fish. Call our call centre  on +880 1877 555077  or email us at


Mir Md Nurul Azam


Greenobo Agro Limited